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SmarterMail Application Extensions

The following utilities were developed in order to improve on the functionality that SmarterMail offers out of the box. Most are considered freeware, and as such are made available, free of charge, for both commercial and personal use. Please note, however, that they are unsupported by SmarterTools (the company) and thus, any questions or comments should be addressed to me.

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DKeyEvent SM is a filter for SmarterMail, that signs and authenticates messages according to DomainKeys and DKIM specifications. Besides being designed to prevent 'identity spoofing' - i.e. claiming that mail originates from a different domain - by hashing each message on transmission, it can check whether a message has been altered prior to delivery, and, should it be the case, restore the message to its original form.

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SMSpamC is a SpamAssassin client designed to be used as a SmarterMail command-line executable. It provides the necessary link between the SmarterMail MTA and the SpamAssassin server daemon - spamd - regardless of whether the server instance of SpamAssassin be local or remote, running on Windows or Unix.

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