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SpamAssassin is a highly efficient spam filtering system, commonly used to improve the spam filtering options available in SmarterMail. Running SpamAssassin directly, however, especially on a Windows system, is quite inefficient and slow; as such, it is generally a better choice to use a SpamAssassin client instead. Not only does this improve performance, but also allows SpamAssassin to be kept on a separate machine - preferably under a Unix based operating system - which, besides providing better resource distribution in multi-server environments, also improves security by ensuring proper containment in case of an attack.

SMSpamC is a SpamAssassin client designed to be used as a SmarterMail command-line executable. It provides the necessary link between the SmarterMail MTA and the SpamAssassin server daemon - spamd - regardless of whether the server instance of SpamAssassin be local or remote, running on Windows or Unix.

In addition to being a standard SpamAssassin client, SMSpamC also offers flexible content filtering, both before, and after SpamAssassin processing, thus ensuring server-wide custom filtering and optimization for multiple spam filter scenarios.

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